The First holistic subscription box for women in Egypt and the Middle East!

Enabling Women to connect EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY.

Each box is uniquely customised by our therapists and specialists.

Just answer a set of questions, select your budget and get your box during your PMSing days!

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To fulfill your needs of being able to connect emotionally, mentally and physically by showing up in a uniquely surprising tangible way!

We are on a mission to ensure you get the monthly support and be of a companion in the way you understand most. 

Through our monthly subscription boxes that is uniquely crafted for each woman differently by our therapists & specialist. Each box has customized experience created to connect with your Mind. Body. Soul.


What does the box include

Items are chosen after getting to know you through some questions. As the box is created differently from one to another according to you and your needs. 

Yet items may be related to ; self care; quietness, relaxation& rest, sports, entertainment, work& studies related items, anything related to your routines. 😊

What is pmsingbox

PMSINGBOX is uniquely customized surprise box created by our therapists and specialists each month differently according to your personality and needs. Its created for your to help you connect emotionally, mentally and physically in a way that you would understand most. It is automatically delivered to you before your period 5-7 days. 

Can I stop my subscription

Yes, terms & conditions apply.

Can I order this from a friend/ sister/ Mum/etc?

Yes you sure can! Answer as much as you from the questions placed on her behalf select the duration and the amount you want and leave the rest on us.